Sunday, March 31, 2013

And the story continues....

    Hi folks. Sorry about my absence. I ave been a bit under the weather and also trying to prepare for Easter. Family always comes first with me. So I hope you understand.
     As of late, there is alot of speculation about what's going on in 5.3. Personally, I like to only talk about the features they anounced, not the ones that others datamined out of the PTR. Like the three spec thing that has gotten alot of buzz of late. Blizzard still hasn't anounced it as a feature, and even more have not confimed it one way or the other. They most certainly have implied that it's not going to becomereal though. Which is a good thing.
    But the thing I think that they really need to change is not the fact of how many specs you get, but the kind of Specs ythat you get. All classes should have two roles that they can perform. If that is done, then the queue times will be much smaller as everyone will be playing the class they love and still fill all of the needed roles.
    I would take Combat Roogues and give them the tanking option. It's in the decsription of combat rogues that they can go toe-to-toe with the opppenent. Lets just follow through and actually make that a reality.
   Hunters with thier pets are also a natural option for tanking. But I would give the tanking to the Survivalist spec. The name lends itself to it. And, in my experiance, hunter utlitarian abilities are never used. People don't let survivalists setup and be good and it. But if they switch it around and make Survivalist the guys that does all the things that tanks do, Survivalist with their pets could be very well liked and loved. With a tanking pet, it would be like having two tanks for the price of one.
   Mages could be healer types. I would use the Arcane spec for that. It would be the very thing that would make Arcane different and defined from Frost or Fire. I also think that Frost could be turned into a tanking spec with out too much trouble. But I think healer would be a better choicefor the game. Frost as tank makes more sence though.
    Warlocks n the Affliction spec could also be healers. Who better to remidy sickness than a person who can cause them? It makes logical sence that if you can make people sick that you would know how to cure the sickness. Just incase you get sick yourself. some of the demons could be good tanks too if beefed a bit, so Demonolgy could be turned into a tanking spec. But I would rather not do that.
   All other classes, as I can remember at this time, have either dual or triple roles to them so would not need any further modifications. So what do you guys think? Let me know. Turn in tomorrow to find out what I write about then.

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