Monday, March 25, 2013

Update on Characters 4

   So yesterday I left no blog. I am sorry but I got busy with life. It was family outing day. In the end it meant that I was just to tired to put forth thoughts onto electronic paper. Now, things like this don't happen often so this should be a rare occurrence. Now on to today's post.
     Airholen has valor capped with ease. I now run the PVP dailies as it goes. LFR was kind in that Ji-Kun dropped my new tier of legs. No world drop of my boots in the raid occurred nor did Jin'Rokh drop my trinket or the Council drop my tier gloves. So I am still trying to gear. I did get enough valor to buy my Shado Pan Assault 522 trinket. So my iLevel is now up to 496. I also got to kill a couple of Elites on the Isle and work on my PVP currency by doing the PVP Dailies. At last check my server had 70% completion for Stage 3. So I am looking forward for the next stage to open up. I have been a little disappointed in this stage so far.
    Asmodea has had little done. She is still level 83. And I gotten a better dagger for her. I have also pushed her Herbalism and Alchemy.  So she is almost ready for Pandaria. Otherwise I have done very little with her.
    Zombee and Sisteric I have been logging into this week rotating the Duty Officers missions and converting the dilithium into Zen Points. I need 1065 Zen Points to open up 4 more character slots and I have 974 currently. So I will get the 4 slots before the new expansion came out. The game has also upgraded the UI a bit so that it is easier so what rarity your Bridge Officers are. So I have been updating and changing the personal with an eye to getting better quality people.
    Danic, on the other hand, I have actually been running mission on to get him leveled up. He is level 46 and is a Rear Admiral Upper Half. I also have been upgrading the bridge crew to be all but one character as very rare. I also took a new pick of Danic since reaching the new rank. So expect to see the new picture in the next couple of days.
   I really haven't played any other games. So that's all of the updates we have. Tune in tomorrow to hear what I have to say about WOW news for this past week.

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