Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dan Zombee, Human Fighter

    This is a new game that I have been playing, Wizardry Online. It takes an old school game, Wizardry, and puts in the MMO relm. I started playing it just to see if they tried to keep true to the original game. They did a fair amount of that but they also updated it. And those updates make it interesting enough. The biggest thing that sets this game apart from WOW is it's claim of permadeath. What really that means is if you die, you have two attempts to resurrect your body. If you don't succeed on the second attempt, that character is gone for good. And everything on it. This game also has a meta leveling aspect, called your Soul. As you advance the story, your Soul retains your progress. So that means you don't hve to retread the story line for every character, you just have to level it so that it can progress the story line. This game is free to play, and you can have three characters that way. The store you can purchase vanity items mostly and more bag space so far that I have seen. I only have one character in the game right now.

Stats for Dan Zombee
     Name: Dan            Soul Name: Zombee           Soul Rank: 2            Level: 5
     Class: Fighter        Alingment: Lawful         Lawful 120    Nuetral 0      Chaos 0
     Strength: 12      Vitality: 10     Dexterity: 11     Agility: 8
     Intellect: 6        Piety: 9           Luck: 10
     HP: 237            MP: 31            GP: 85               OD: 100/200
     Physical Attack: 5                    Magical Attack: 0
     Physical Defence: 48               Magical Defence: 18                 AC Eval: 9
             Bash: 2/7          Defend Stance: 3/7          Self Heal: 2/7

     Just to put some perspective on the info above, You only need a Strength of 9 to become a fighter. As you level your stats have a random chance to change. They can go up, down or stay the same. Dan, as I have furthered his adventures, has gotten dumber as I go deeper into the dungeons. I don't see magic using in his future. His piety is where it needs to be for a Preist and his dex and luck give him a ecent chance at theivery. His AC is decent, but you need it lower. In fact negative numbers is where you want to be. AC controls how hard it is to hit you. GP, or Guard points, is a mechanic to allow your sheild to take damage instead of you. It sort of replacement hp while block with a sheild. Once it runs out, you have to wait for it to regenerate before you can block with your sheild again. OD powers special moves. You have to do things to charge it up past 100.

     So that's my Wizardry character. Tomorrow I think I will do a general news day on the state of the characters. Tune in to fnd out what I have been doing with them.

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