Thursday, March 7, 2013

Isla Sorna err... Isle of the Giants?

     So welcome to Jurassic Park! We spared no expense. Except for a reason to go there. There is only going to be two types of people going to the dino island: Collectors and Hunters.

    Collectors have pets and mounts to get from here. And Hunters will need to get the Manual so that they can tame a Direhorn. People that don't care about collecting pets or mounts have no reason to go. There is no quests, and since you are facing elite 90 and 91's, non-90's would find it hard to be there. Groups will probably have an easier time of it than soloists. But either way should be viable.

    Hunters need to slay Zandalari Trolls, and lots of them, to get that book to teach you how to tame a Direhorn. Once you can tame a direhorn, then you have your choice of colors to go tame. Also the Devilsaurs have new colors here too. So you can get one in the color you wanted.

    I have not gotten my book yet, but I have picked up 2 of the little raptor pet drops so far. And I have learned just how difficult it is to kill the full grown dinos over the hatchlings. And it was very weird for me to be working along side a horde hunter going through this content together. No talking, but we helped out each other as we progressed through the island.

   So that's my first take on the Isle of Giants. I do not know what I will be covering to find. Tune in to discover what it might be.

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