Friday, March 22, 2013

Green Acres

     So player housing has been a topic that has been floating around for some time in WOW. People love it or hate it. I love the idea and wish it had been present from the beginning. But MoP has brought us the the beginnings of it in Sunsong Ranch that becomes yours in 5.2. But there is more potential there. Potential that needs to be added I believe. So here are my thoughts on player housing.
    Using Sunsong Ranch, we take the house and add a upper floor for your bedroom, to get your rested pvp bonus. Downstairs you have the kitchen. And larder to store cooking mats. And then you use Nomi, the cooking apprentice, and give him a daily order to cook one of your recipes that you have. Nomi will cook that recipe till it runs out of mats in the larder, Nomi then could take 1 minute per skill point needed to cook the recipe at white. This means that something that fails to level you any more at 500 will take 500 minutes or  8 hours and 20 minutes to make it. This will be nice to have but will never flood the market without you taking the initiative and make it yourself.
     The apprentice concept could be expanded to all other crafting professions. The gathering skills would not apply here. And you would need to buy specific storage containers for each profession to store the mats for your apprentice to do it's thing. Again the apprentice can only work on those recipes that you actually know yourself. Can't teach him to do things you don't know yourself. And these same areas that the apprentice use could be used by you to give you a bonus to your crafting skill. Of course, the trade off is that the apprentice can't use the area while you are using it.
     Gathering professions will not have anything to gain from being on the farm, so you will need to go out into the world to get your mats. Archaeology obviously needs to be out in the world also.
     Get a barn built and now you can look at your mounts walking around on your farm. Or maybe just the top five you like. Gives you something else to look at on your farm than just the dog and cat. The Barn could also be a stable for hunters to swap out their hunter pets.
     In the house you could have rooms where Spare tabards are kept, a trophy room, more general storage and maybe even a manikins to put armor on for display purposes. You could also place an option to put screen captures on the wall as pictures for decoration. You could even have place where you keep scrolls and books that you have picked up along the way.
     Now I know people say that we would all be staying in our housing then, but that is rubbish. Right now, you could hang out on the farm, a separate instance, and queue up for anything and just wait, or craft while waiting. But not very many people do that because it's boring. You need to go out into the world to experience the content. To collect mats and advance the story line. To gear up and grind rep and do pet battles. Even to play the Action House you have to go to a city. So giving us a house to store things does nothing but make people happy and give people more reasons to travel the world.
    And Sunsong Ranch doesn't have to be the only place. You could have housing in each main city. This would give a reason for people to go back to those cities. Draenei get a free house at say level 60 in Exodar. And once you have Exalted status with a faction you could spend 30 k gold to get a house at that factions cities, and suddenly you have people go out and about grinding rep with factions to buy houses in their favorite towns. You can have storage boxes be unified between all the houses like the banks. But the apprentices are in specific homes. And you can only have 1 apprentice for each profession you have.
    Let me know what you guys think about these ideas. And you can tell me any Ideas of yours, I would like to hear them. I like speculating on features that could be added to improve the experience, so tell me your ideas.
    Tune in tomorrow to find out what I think about Blizzard's new game announcement, and more about STO's expansion announcement.

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