Sunday, March 10, 2013

The death of a Warlord

    So as I was about to log off, somebody said in chat that they were looking for a group to go take on Warlord Bloodhilt. Bloodhilt is the guy you have to kill to complete the 5.1 legendary questline. It took 1 Tank, 1 Healer and 4 DPS to take this guy down. But we did it. And we only wiped once. The trick was to stack up on him. Kills hos most damaging attack, a type of charge. And it looked like it made healing so much easier. It was a long fight too.
   Even though I am happy I got past this point, I am unhappy that I had to do this at all. For quest chain to find out if your are the best hero ever, having to get others to best the other side didn't seem quite in line with that thought process. And not to overlook the fact that only those doing the quest get any real reward out of it. And then there is the issue of casual non-raiding player even being able to gather a group together strong enough to complete this quest. This is just something a soloist just can't so themeselves. That sucks and completely goes against the grain of playing the game my way, they have so proudly declared for this expansion. Hopefully Blizzard will re-look at this questline and revamp it so that a soloist does have a chance to complete it. You never know.
    On better a better note, my server was 74% complete on unlocking the next stage as of last night. I expect on Tuesday that it will be unlocked and I can move on to new dailes. Along with finally being able to LFR. Yay!
    So that's all I have for now. Tune in tomorrow to read about my character updates for the week.

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