Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekly Character Update

              Not done much with him. Completed running all the LFR wings. Farming has been consistently running. Got all of the Tier gear that I need. Herbs have been dumped into guild bank for Asmodea's use.

              Still level 86. Have been making Living Metal on only a couple days so far. Made a slew of Potions and Flasks and put them up on the Auction house. No takers so far. Hopefully they will sell to make me some money.

    Zombee, Sisteric and Danic
               All three have completed the Crystalline Catastrophe event and got the 50K Dilithium and such. After that I have mainly been just rotating the DOFF missions. Except for Danic, who is still trying to complete all of the Storyline quests. Finished the Dominion and Borg questlines and now working on the Breen questline. After that is the Undine questline then it will be taking Zombee off to grind Romulan Rep.

Tune in next time for the next blog. The story blog will return, just encountered technical difficulties this week.

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