Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weekly STO Update

   So Dev blogs are up to #7 at this time. The blogs I am going to cover talked about the new character creation system and the new talents system.

      The talent system is for the racial talents. We are going to get more of them. Nine in total, in fact. At character creation you get to have 4 traits. One is taken by your race and the other three you get to pick. You have a choice of space, ground and career based talents. Then once every 10 levels you will get another trait again. Alien Races, the player made race, got all four to chose anyway they wanted it to be. The skills are being revamped so that no one skill will rule them all. Hopefully they will be able to do this, but I don't think it will happen. There are just some capabilities that are must haves no matter what your play style is. I think this is a very good step in the right direction, and will allow for some greater customization for players.

     The Character Creation System is getting an overhaul in appearance and ease of use. It also will streamline the creation process for those you just want to play, and allows for the massive customization that the current system does for those who want it. As long as they create a way to retain my personal uniform design so that I don't have to write it down somewhere for my BOFF's, then this upgrade will finally be all that I need it to be. The requirements to tracking the uniform color and style setup is such a pain currently. They also added a new feature to the loading screen so that you see you Captain and his away teams in an action pose based on the movie posters. I think this is a cool idea. And hope that it goes well for them.

    I do want to mention that the whole UI is getting a cleaner revamp. They are shrinking some of the icon sizes and also allowing you to further customize not only the position of things, like now, but the color scheme too. I like this in principle, but unsure of how much use I will actually give it. I will see once I get into the game itself.

   Thanks for reading. Tune in tomorrow to find out what next I will talk about.

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