Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Updates for the Week

     First off, I would like to publicly say how much I feel for those who have suffered through the events at the Boston Marathon. I couldn't bring myself to blog as I was to interested and upset over what had happened. I hope that those who have done this are brought to justice. And those who are forever scarred by this, I wish you all the best in the world to speedy recoveries in both mind and soul.

     Now, on to Character Updates.
         I have made more runs through the LFR. I have bought my bracers from the Shado Pan. I have been farming herbs for Asmodea. But otherwise, not much. This patch has not been very moving for me overall. It initially was nice to do new things, but as the patch has gone along, it just has not been fun. Especially the gearing issue.

         She is level 86. I have maxed out the Alchemy skill and don't seem to be getting any new recipe's. Herbalism is still being worked on. I am transmuting trillium to living metal regularly. I haven't done much else.

         I have been running the Crystalline Catastrophe missions. Have collected five crystal shards to date. I have been running in and Oddysey, but I have redone things to try the Patrol Escort on the next attempt. DOFF's are continued to be cycled.

         My Gorn has been keeping up with Zombee in Crystal Shard collection and DOFF's cycling. Not much else to report.

         He has reached level 50 and now is a Vice Admiral. Some progress has been done on the story line. He has also been keeping time with Zombee on the crystal shards and DOFF cycling.

WOW Updates.

      LFR 4th wing opens today. So expect me to run the new wing tonight with Airholen. The rest of the release info for 5.3 stuff is still swishing around in my head. I haven't really figured out how it all affects me. Next week I will have answers to all of the stuff.

Tune in tomorrow to find out my feelings on the latest news in STO.

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