Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weekly STO News

  So today starts the new event Crystalline Catastrophe. Once a day you can get a crystal shard if you kill the Crystalline entity. Collect 14 of these shards and you can turn it in for 50k Dilithium, 1k of Fleet Marks and a Crystaline Entity Pet. The pet can't do anything for you so fail to see why to have. If a an object does no game effect for me, then why have it take the extremely limited bag space that STO provides. Shards collected after that can be turned in for 100 Fleet Marks. All of this is very good. Also, there is a scoring system built into the event. Each time you take on the CE, your individual performance will be tracked and graded. Those who get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place get a trophy. Trophies you can put on display in your ship. I like things like that. Pets that just float around you while you are in space are of no actual use to me, and a hindrance to my field of view. To me the pet has serve a function, or not just disappear every time I enter a new instance for me to want to put it out.
   They also released a new Dev Blog about Empress Sela today. Most of the info is a rehash of the story line to date. The only really new thing is that She is out to get the new Republic destroyed. She may have made a deal with the Iconians, as implied by the ominous ending, and the cooperative nature of the Tal Shiar.
    They also release more info about the Romulan ships in the previous Dev Blog. You will start with an original series Warbird and then get to progress up through the tiers in ever newer and stronger Warbird designs. The D'Deridex Warbird is Tier 4 and a new design, the Ha'apex advanced Warbird is the final iteration. The artist rendering has the new depicted in a way that it looks like it can split into to ships. It is also stated that the ships are heavier than their tier counterparts in the Federation. Which means they will move slower and turn more sluggishly. But it also means that they should be able to suffer more punishment. All warbirds come equipped with cloaking devices and Singularity cores. The Singularity Core has a a secondary effect that you can release once it builds up enough of a charge. And all Romulan Captains will get a bonus when using any ship that has a cloaking device on it.
    It also has been clearly stated that the Romulans will be able to use the allies ships, but the allies will not be able to use Romulan ships. Whether this is limited to just Fleet Ships or all ships has not been clearly and officially stated, though the speculation is that it's limited to the Fleet Ships. Personally, I would like to see no crossing faction ship command going on. But with various lockboxes out their, this is already happened. I would like to see them maybe keep only the Tier 4 and 5 out of the other factions hands, but I may be a minority in this too.
   May 21st is approaching quickly, so I will continue to keep my eye open for what is coming up. Tune in tomorrow to see what I will talk about next.

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