Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Things to do in Azeroth...and beyond

      So I have been kicking around this idea of writing stories based on the adventures of my characters in WOW. And while I have attempted it. I failed to be consistent because I had no place to put the stories. But with this blog here I figure that I could do it. In fact I would take Monday nights and run the a horde character and an alliance character on the same server.
      But which race? And what class? Should I choose based on what I like or some other criteria? I don't know. But as I think about this more, I saw a new way of choosing these things, you guys. SO I am going to put up a tweet asking which class and race for Horde and Alliance I should do. Hopefully I will get enough feed back to get a clear winner for each side. And then on Monday I will pick a server (PVE type) and build the characters.
      Of course I will take any feedback for this from anybody who leaves an email or comment on my blog too. So chime in everyone.
      Tune in tomorrow to see my thoughts on the latest news fr the New STO expansion, Legacy of Romulus.

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