Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tale of Two Elves: Aloris meets the trainer

                Aloris walked into the village. Simple enough act as things go. And simple acts usually don’t require much thought. But this simple act would change his life forever. If he’s had known what was going to happen, he might have turned around and gone back. But he didn’t, and so we get our tale.
                Aldrassil was like most Night Elf outpost, small and built into a tree. From the market at the base to the leadership at the top, everything was ordered yet natural. Easy to see and feel and relax in. Aloris’s father had sent him here, told him that he needed to learn a few things from Ithalaine. So he set out across the Shadowglen to Aldrassil to find this master.
                Ithalaine was a bearded elf. Fair in hair and skin, that is if you consider tourquise hair as fair and light purplish skin as fair too. As Aloris approached him, he took stock of the young man, noting the bow, trappers gear and his saber cat companion.
                “Greetings, Aloris, I am Ithalaine. My purpose in Shadowglen is to train young hunters like you, and to be ensure that the balance of nature is maintained.”
                “The spring rains were particulary heavy this year, causing some of the forest’s beasts to flourish while others suffered. Unfortunately the nightsaber numbers grew too large, and they will devastate the other populations if they are not culled. “
                “Journey forth, young hunter, and thin the saber populations so that nature’s harmony will be preserved.” And with that, Ithalaine seemed to dismiss him.
                Shrugging his shoulders, Aloris turned to his nightsaber, Aeris. “Let’s go meet these relatives of yours.” He scratched an ear and they traveled off into the woods of Shadowglen.
                It didn’t take them long to find the nightsabers. Like Ithalaine said, there numbers were grater than the glen could support.  Aloris took aim at a young nightsaber that was alone and shot. His aim was good and hit the target. Aeris saw the young nightsaber bounding to his friend and ran to intercept the juvenile beast. Aloris gave this no thought as he reloaded his bow. Aeris and him have been traveling like this since Aeris was a cub. The bond they shared they questioned or wondered it about. It was eating to them, it seemed natural and necessary. Aloris’s father smiled at them when they traveled together. He had gone out into the world and had returned to marry his mother. His father, though worldly, never seemed to be upset or surprised by his son’s choice of friend. After a few shots and a few rakes from Aeris, the first saber was down. He skinned the animal and moved on, leaving the meat for the other sabers and scavengers of the forest.
                They did this five more times before they returned to Aldrassil. Carrying the pelts as proof, Aloris approached Ithalaine. “here is my proof of what I have done.”
                “Good work, young hunter. Return to me in the morning and I will show you a thing or two. And take this for your efforts.” Ithalaine hands him a small pouch and a pair of brown leather gloves. “It would be best to have the right gear for training”, and with that, another dismissal.
                Aloris had never had archery gloves before. He tried them on, the fit well enough. The pouch contained some coins, which he used to get home and board at the local inn. They innkeeper only looked at Aeris once but said nothing as they went to bed. “I guess we passed the test, Aeris” he said as they bedded down for the night.

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