Sunday, April 21, 2013

TOTE: Xandyn's Lesson

              “Hey boss, wake up!” yells Bizrot while jumping on Xandyn’s head. “You’re gonna be late!”
                Xandyn stretches his arms and yawns. He had fallen asleep at his desk while trying to prepare what he learned for the Magestrix. Suddenly he sits straight up. He gathers himself up, puts his clothes on, including the new sash, and takes off running to kitchen to get some breakfast. Stuffing his mouth as fast as he can, he takes off running to the Magestrix. When he knows he is close, he stops calms himself and then walks the rest of the way.
                “I am here, Magestrix Erona.” He looks at here noting the stern look and tapping foot.
                “I see. So what did you learn?” She obviously looks annoyed.
                “I learned that magic is no good when your target is near, that my staff is better for that. And Bizrot would never take a strike for me, if he has a choice.”
                “Dam right!, heheheheh”, laughed Bizrot. Xandyn gave him a swift kick. “Hey!” BIzrot dodge the kick.
                “Your effort, yesterday, has made something clear that, honestly, I wish were not true. The unchecked power of the Burning Crystals has maligned a much larger swath of the Isle’s natural balance that I thought. We must now take on more unfortunate measures to reclaim control.”
                The nearby lynxes have succumbed to the influence of the crystals, and they must be put down. Bring their collars, Xandyn, as I may yet be able to fashion a magical restraint to turn some back from being uncontrolled.”
                “As for your lessons, you need to look outside of your self for the lessons to be learned. The big picture will bring you greater understanding and wisdom than inner reflection.” The Magestrix then turns to speak with another apprentice that has arrived.
                Xandyn bows and turns.  Bizrot danced and laughed as he somberly walked out of the Sunspires grounds.  They walked for a bit when started to see signs of the lynxes. Once he saw one on a rise, he closed in and soon as he thought he was in ranged he started cast spells at it. Bizrot joined in with his fire. And soon the Springclaw was dead. He rummaged the body for the collar. He continued to sneak around and targeting the cubs from range til late afternoon. And then he headed back. It was hard work finding the lynxes. He was only able to collect 6 collars by the time he had to head home.
                Once back in Sunspire, he went to Magestrix  Erona and presented her the collars. “This is all that I could find today. Will this suffice?” Bizot stuck out his tongue and made farting noises.
                “The tower and surrounding areas should now be relatively secure, though only for the time being. You have done well in providing us with a buffer of security, but we will need to reassert control over the entire isle if we are to survive here in the long run. This will involve tackling much greater threats than errant mana wyrms and lynxes.”
                “Take this, Xandyn – you will no doubt make good use of it for the tasks to come. Go rest and in the morrow I will have new missions for you to complete.” Magestrix Erona smiles and then leaves to attend to other matters.
                Xandyn looks at what was given him, a pouch of coins and some black and red bracers. He slips them one and cinches them up. They looked good. As he head back into town, he notices his apprentice robes are damaged with gaping holes from where the brush has ripped them. It was going to be costly to repair, so he found a tailor and swapped out the robes and some coins for a little stronger cloth robe. They were blue, but he didn’t have any other selection.  He also decided to upgrade his boots to more rugged ones too. He then ate a nice meal and went to sleep, dreaming of his coming heroic adventures. And Bizrot just danced and laughed all the night long.

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