Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Week in STO

      So more Dev Blog's and Interviews have been released. Also the closed Beta has been fired up to.

      The Beta was limited and by invite only to experience the beginning Romulan faction missions. I did not get an invite. But the feed back on the forums for this has been positive. So positive that people are actually upset that there isn't more content. People are upset when they reach the progress wall. This bodes very well for the missions and writing inside those missions. If the story is this compelling and well written, it means that they can proceed with revamping many other stories to make them better. We also will possibly get to see new stories with more compelling story that pushes the story line further along. And don't forget that as long as the Romulans do well, then more factions will get added. Which opens for more good writing to occur.

        News about the Romulan ships have been released. What ships come out at what Tiers. What kind of abilities they have and how the cloaking technology works. All well and good info, but not anything that is of groundbreaking note. All Rom ships will have cloaking capabilities. All Rom ships have Singularity cores with powers that can be activated.

        The Interviews have involved different employees of Cryptic giving usually vague answers to pointed questions. Though the one dealing with Al Rivera by PodcastUGC was different. That interview is very long and covers many subjects, and Al answered the pointed questions with nearly as pointed answers. Good or bad the answer may be, I appreciated the directness of the answer the most. I think that Al should do more of these kinds of interviews because he is a much more of an answer man than the others have been.

         So that's what I have for now. Tune in next time to find out what I have to say next.

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