Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Week in WOW

    So here we go to the WOW news and updates.

                 Experience gets a 33% reduction to get to the next level. So getting to the next level will come faster. Alts will be more of a reality for me now. And Asmodea will start to get up there now.
                 Lesser Charms will be trade 50 for 3 Mogu Charms. This will make getting LFR loot easier for me. That and the bad streak protection they are putting in will possibly gear my Alts in a more reasonable time frame for me. At least I hope so.
                 Loot Specialization will be coming in 5.3. SO now, as you get do things you can preset if you want your gear rewards to be based on main spec or off spec. Your choice. Will make off spec gearing easier for sure, for those class that actually have a difference between their specs as far as gear and stats requirements.
                 Hunters are getting a few new things. I have already mentioned about more stable slots. Good for those Hunters that like to collect. And for allowing for room to get the new pets in the new expansion. But Aspect of the Hawk got a buff. The attack power got pushed from 15 to 25%. Since all Hunters should be sitting in Hawk Aspect, this will up our DPS to some degree. Revive Pet also gets a buff of lowering the cast time by 2 seconds, going from 6 to 4 secs.
                 Talents get some adjustments too. Iron Hawk gets the to 10% buff to attack power too. Binding Shot gets pulled from talents and given to Marksmen at level 30. Blink Strike gets an s added to it's name, 50% increase damage, used from 30 yards away, and cause the pet to teleport behind the target. Intimidation is pulled from Beast Masters and replaces Binding Shot in the talent shot.This sucks for BM hunters because they have to give up their intimidate  for Silencing Shot. This is a loss of utility for BM's that I think that more BM's will find it more of an issue than they may think now.
                  Beast Cleave increases to 75% damage, up from 50%. This will give us more AOE damage, which is sorely needed with BM's. Marksmen will get a buff for Bombardment that will do more damage with Multi-shot, from 30% to 60% in fact.
                 Rogues get Shuriken toss nerfed hard. No more double damage over 10 yards and doubled the energy cost to use it. Two Glyph's get nerfed too. Cheap Shot Glyph looses a half second from it's duration buff, and Garrote Glyph looses a half second on it's duration buff. Rogues are getting punched down again and really doesn't make sense to me. They don't put up the DPS numbers that Mages or Warlocks do, yet they get nothing but nerfs and they get buffs to their abilities. They outperform Rogues, yet they feel that Rogues need to do less and Mages more. I really have a hard time understanding why.

                 Tune in tomorrow to find out the new changes that have been presented for STO.

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