Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Azerothian Tales

   So last week I wrote that I was going to start a writing project based in Azeroth using characters as they quest. I even sent a tweet daily for requests on what those characters race and classes. But only one person ever responded on the subject.
    His suggestions was Gnome and Goblin for race, and he first suggested that they be Death Knights for class. His secondary selection was Warrior for both of them. My other thought was to use my two characters I once was going to do this with, Night Elf Hunter and Blood Elf Warlock. So I am unsure how to go about this.
   The Elf based story has the advantage of already having some ground work laid. The characters are ready, and some of the play has already has been done. So all I have to do is start the conversion to story format. The disadvantage is that the the hunter class is nothing new to me, would be my fourth hunter. Also, the race and class doesn't even resemble the input that I received.
   The Death Knight story line has the advantage of avoiding 50 levels of play. Has the freedom of a more open back story before play. And is a suggested class. The disadvantage is that I only have one Death Knight, and have a darker slant to their presence as a whole.
   The Warrior story line has the the advantage of have been suggested. The play style doesn't involve magic. The concepts involved would be easy to convey. The disadvantages would be the fact that it's to easy to make it a generic swords based fantasy. It lacks uniqueness. Not a class that I have done much with.
    The Goblin/Gnome story line has the advantage in it's uniqueness in race view. The cultural representations in the game would be interesting to develop. The disadvantage would be the difficulty in maintaining the realism of these characters and avoiding the cliche's.
    So I am not sure what to do yet. I really wish that I had gotten more input. I am going to get the first stories out on Saturday and Sunday. Alliance on Saturday and Horde on Sunday. Which means that I have to make my choice and run them by thursday night. Please tweet me at @ZombeeDan to help me with any suggestions. And thank you EpicInsanity for your input.
    Tune in tomorrow to hear what the scoop is for STO News.

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