Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WOW Weekly News

     So Ra-Den has a bug in it that has spoiled the 'Race for World First' efforts. The group that found it, reported it and have not personally claimed the World First title. I think that this group, whose name I have only seen in Chinese script, is very respectable and needs our support for being these kind of people. I wish I knew their name but I can't read Chinese.
     Hunters get a healthier resistance to the pushback with Focused Shot passive. A good thing, since we loose so much when we suffer pushback. And this is a major increase. Serpent Sting also dropped it's cost by 10 focus. This makes it not such a pain to use. Powershot also gets 25% decrease in damage, cast time, cost and cooldown. Not sure if that will save it yet. For patch 5.3 though.
    Rogues Shuriken Toss got it's cost damage doubled. Not sure if this is good or bad. But does give Rogues a little more umph at range. For patch 5.3 only.
     Durumu got easier in the latest hotfix. It was a needed change as you died because of the inability to see the environment, not lack of skill.
    Tune in tomorrow to see what I talk about next.

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