Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekly Character Update

            Airholen has downed all of the bosses in Throne of Thunder. The loot gained has gotten me to all four of my Tier 15 peices that I need for optimization. I have gemmed, enchanted and reforged everything to what Mr. Robot has said I should do. I also have been collecting herbs for Asmodea.

     Zombee and Sisteric
          Both of these guys have downed the crystaline entity enough times to collect 11 crystal shards. They have also been cycling DOFF mssions.

           He has collected 11 crystal shards. He has also cycled all of the DOFF's. I also completed the Cardassian missions and now started on the Borg cycle of missions. Have not started them as yet.

     Aloris and Xandyn
          These two were played in the past, so the stories are currently just trying to catch up at the moment. Once caught up, I will started updatin them here.

     Tune in tomorrow to find out what I think about the WOW news.

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