Friday, April 19, 2013

Loot and RNG in WOW

     Recently I have been on the WOW forums talking about the loot system. It has been a lively discussion and has also wandered off to cover things about a particular characters gear setup.

    My premise has been that RNG on raid bosses only reward the lucky. There is no amount of planing, strategizing or skill that will get you the coveted gear. It is purely dependent upon a RNG program deciding it's your lucky day and gives you what you want or need.

    What I want to do is to take the RNG out of the equation for Raids. Make it a thing you have to buy with Valor. Also gate it behind a certain number of kills. So lets say you want the bow that drops off of Tortos. Instead of having a RNG tell you when you can have it or not, you have to slaughter Tortos 10 times. You also have to spend 3500 VP to get it. So you have to go kill Tortos 10 times. Not something most people do in a night, or even a week. But now you also have to spend little over three weeks to get those points from 0.

     From a player point of view, you know what you have to do to get the gear. You know how long it's going to take you to do this. And you can plan your game time to effectively work towards this. And once you have that done, you can retarget yourself for the next piece and the next piece till you have every piece you want. You don't feel slighted. You don't feel like you have wasted your time. And you can enjoy the content more because you don't feel like your being forced to run content just to be denied loot of any worth to you.

     From a business model standpoint, you get a happier fan base. You have a gearing path in place that you can manipulate and control how quickly fully decked out characters become. Since it is similar enough to the PVP gearing process it becomes easier to balance the two sides gear. Making it also easier to make sure that gear equals out and become competitive with each other, while still making sure that each side has the advantage in their fields. This could then removed the level capping in the Arenas and Battlegrounds, I think. By controlling the Arms race, and how quickly content comes out, they can ensure that people either never are fully geared, or only fully geared for a short period of time before the next content patch or expansion comes out. This would ensure that people would always be playing the game. It would allow players with Alts feel like they can take time to play their alts and not fall behind the eight-ball on the gear efforts. And everyone will get the gear they feel they want at a speed in which Blizzard is comfortable with.

     Scenarios, Dungeons, Challenge Modes, Questing, World Bosses and random mobs could still use the RNG for giving out blues and greens which will allow people to gear up outside of raiding for just storyline progression. And Crafting and Rep Grinding can still be utilized for gearing up with a focus to get into raids and such.

     As an Idea and a plan I think it has great merit. But you guys let me know. Tune in tomorrow for another chapter into Aloris's adventures.

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