Saturday, April 20, 2013

TOTE: Aloris and the Fel Moss

                In the morning, Aloris rose, ate and then head out to meet with Ithalaine. His new gloves felt good. Aeris followed along. Once he got to where Ithalaine was, he presented himself to the older elf. “I am here as you requested.”
                Ithalaine smiles. “Yes you are. See that branch on that tree over there, the one with an arrow sticking out of it? Shoot it.” Ithalaine pointed at the branch.
                Stringing his bow, Aloris knocked his arrow and fired. He missed but was close. He fired three more times with varying degrees of success.
                “Alright, that’s enough.” Ithalaine pulls out his own bow. “Watch me. See where I place my hands. See how I draw the string. See how I stand and move. “ And with that he fires four arrows into the branch. “Now you try it with what you have seen.”
                Aloris tries standing as the old elf. Gripped his bow and drew the string. Ithalaine walked around him, parts of him here and there till he was satisfied with the form. “Remember this, and practice it” is all that Ithalaine said as he walked away.
                Aloris spent the rest of the day plinking at the branch till he was sore. He felt good though, since it looked liked more arrows where in the branch than on the ground around it.
                The next morning, Aloris sought out Ithalaine again. But Ithalaine looked busy and troubled. “Ah, young Hunter, just in time.” Ithalaine straitened and looked at him. “You seem to knowwhat you’re doing. Perhaps I can task you with something a little more important.”
                “As you may well know, the corruption in Teldrassil was supposedly wiped away. Yet something lingers. The creatures have not calmed and all manner of problems still plague us.”
                “I need you to deal with the grelkin to the west, and while you’re there, I want you to search for fel moss. This will help me determine from where this continuing corruption stems.” Ithalaine then turns back to a table to stare at his map.
                Scratching the head of Aeris, the two turned and head to the grelkin territory. After a few hours, Aloris started seeing signs of grelkin. Nasty little buggers, the grelkin were imp-like humanoids that danced around a lot and ate whatever they could catch. Mostly harmless to elves, they do like to play tricks on people. As they traveled through the region, Aloris looked for the fel moss. This sickly green plant was generally not good for anything. As they searched, a few of the grelkin tested Aloris’s skill at the bow. It was easier than before to hit his mark.  After collecting several patches,  Aloris headed home.
                When he got back into town, he handed the moss over to Ithalaine.
                “Your service to the creatures of Shadowglen is worthy of reward, Aloris.” Ithalaine hands him a small bag containing more coins and some herbs.  He also hands him some green leather leggings.
                Ithalaine looks the moss over.” You confirmed my fears, however. The grelkin are still tainted by felmoss, despite Teldrassil’s blessing. Something sinister remains within the tree. I can only hope that the Gnarlpine tribe of furbolgs are free of the corruption, or we are still in grave danger.”
                “I will look into this further and contact those who might be of aid. Thank you, hunter.”
               Aloris went into the outpost tree to patch up some of his clothes and rid himself of some of the things he had collected along the way.  Then he found a place to rest for the night.

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