Friday, April 12, 2013

Story Time....coming soon (Sooner than Blizzard Soon)

    SO after thinking about, I will be doing the two elves story line. So I am going to introduce the two characters.

Aloris on The Scryers
     Night Elf     Hunter     Blue Skin     Long Dark Blue Hair     Yellow Eyes  Male
     6ft Tall    190lbs. Weight    
    Aeris     White Striped Sabre Cat    Male    3.5ft tall    6ft long   250lbs
    Planned skills for character, Skinning, Leather-working, First Aide and Cooking.

Xandyn on The Scryers
     Blood Elf     Warlock     Reddish Skin     Long Red Hair     Green Eyes     Male
     6ft     190lbs
    Bizrot      Imp     2.5ft Tall    35lbs

      Planned skills for the character, Tailor, Enchanting, First Aide and Cooking.

     It looks and this point that Aloris will be more narrative nature as he is quieter person with a non-talking pet. Xandyn has the annoying little imp, Bizrot, around so will have more vocal interactions. I will update the weekly Character Updates spot as to level and progress of the characters. I am still getting a feel of the characters and writing will get done on Saturday and Sunday. I plain to Post Aloris's story on Saturdays and Xandyn's on Sundays. I would like to have feed back as to if I doing good or need to alter things some. I also do not plan on them joining any guilds or doing and any kind of raids or dungeons with groups. If I get them to level cap. I very much figure that I will run the old raids in Solo. Gearing for these characters will not involve raiding but would possibly include the World bosses. Not sure yet. But otherwise they will be doing Rep grinds for gear. I will pick mounts early. I also have got to pick pets and battle pets for them so that they will do some of that too.
    So tune in tomorrow to read the first story involving Aloris.

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