Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekly Character Updates

           So I ran all the open wings of LFR now. No loot. I do have to say that the Dark Animus battle is very interesting. But the Dorummu fight was very different for me. I was able to valor cap and work on some more pvp missions. The fourth stage of the Isle was opened up. Sneaking aboard a Mogu ship and disrupting their efforts and even going ashore and getting the gates open for the alliance to get in and take the Zandalari/Mogu faction. I also finally got to attack Galleon. It was fun but, since I am over geared for it, it gained nothing but the achievement. I also been running enigma seeds at the ranch. These are then put in the guild bank for Asmodea.
              I got her to level 86. She is roaming farther into the Jade Forest and getting her Herbalism and Alchemy leveled up. I also finally got her geared up enough to be able run Pandarian Dungeons and the Cata LFR. She also is working on getting all of the recipe's. I have made great strides in this area too.

              I started running the New Romulus mission trying to max his Romulan Rep. In fact my plans are to max out Rom Rep with Zombee, Danic will get the Omega Rep and my yet to be made final Fed Character will get the Tholian Rep. I will do the same setup with The Roms and the KDF. Zombee is still cycling the DOFF Duties too.

    Sisteric and Danic
               I barely did anything with these guys, basically just cycling the DOFF's is all.

Tune in tomorrow to find out what news in WOW I have taken an interest in.

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