Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tale of Two Elves: Xandyn meets Magistrix Erona

                “C’mon Bizrot. Move it. We don’t have all day.” Xandyn whines at his imp companion.  Since getting to Eversong Woods, the red haired warlock has been wanting to start his lessons. The magic that coursed through him was passed down to him from his father.  The spell that brought Bizrot to him was taught to him by his father. But more had to be learned, and his father sent him here. Magistrix Erona told him to report in the morning, and he didn’t want to be late.
                “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m coming.” Bizrot yelled back.
                Magestrix was certainly pretty enough to look at. Like all blood elves whe was tall and thin. She had long flowing golden hair. But Xandyn was more interested in the lessons to learn than the pretty face before him.
                As she looked over Xandyn, a stern frown came to her face. “ The sooner you begin your education, Xandyn, the better for us all. There is little room for error, so listen closely.”
                “The Burning Crystals – the green floating objects to the west of the Sunspire here – have long been used to power the isle’s experimentations. The mana wyrms were their guardians,  but the Scourge Invasion of Quel’Thalas has driven them errant from our lack of magical control over them.”
                “There is little choice but to thin their numbers for reclamation. Do this, then return to me.”  She then turns to another apprentice and starts to give him his chore.
                “Well, la-de-da. Shall we go jump in the lake?” grumbles Bizrot.
                “Shut up. You heard her, he have to kill some wyrms”, says Xandyn. “Lets go.” This was not unusal to Xandyn. His father did the same thing to him, sent him out to do various chores. Once the task was completed, some tidbit of information was then given in payment.  Everything had a price, he said, and so you must pay, either in service or coin, you always have to pay. So his first lessons payment was to kill wyrms.
                Heading over to The Burning Crystals, big floating green crystals of magical energy, didn’t take much time. The wyrms are not aggressive but are in large numbers.  Lining up on one, he let go with an attack spell his father taught him. Bizrot joined in with fellfire balls. Bizrot loved hurting things. Wyrms are apparently tough because it shrugged off the first couple attacks and floated over to Xandyn to take a taste. Trying his best to dodge the attacks, he switched to swinging his staff at the beast till it dropped out of the air. “Whew! I guess father was right when he told me that the staff was more than a symbol. It’s uses were necessary when magic fails you”, he laughed at the recollection. His father taught him the basics of staff usage.
                Targeting his next wyrm, Xandyn tried again, with better success. Hit it more often this time around and was able to down it before it got to him. As he continued to do this, wyrm after wyrm, he figured the best distance  to start the fight so that they were downed by magic and fellfire before they got to him. In the ashes of the wyrms he collected scales and glowing eyes to prove his kills.
                Xandyn returned to Magestrx Erona triumphantly. Displaying his trophies, he calmly says “I have slaughtered the wyrms, Magestrix. Should I go back for more?”
                Bizrot danced and giggled behind him, breaking his triumphant mood he was trying to set.
                “Very well, that is enough for today. Go meditate on the battles and return to me in the morrow. And then, Xandyn, you shall tell me what you have learned from this.” She makes a simple gesture and the scales and eyes go up in smoke. “One more thing, take this for your efforts.” She hands him a sash and a small pouch of coins.
                Xandyn bows and leaves. He had never been payed before. The sash would come in handy to keep his robe in check and store things in it. He went back into the Sunspire to his room to prepare his answer for the Magistrix.

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