Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WOW Weekly News

       So ToT LFR part 3 going to be open today. I hate this waiting for two weeks for each of the last 2 wings to open. But it does make the LFR easier to get done as you are doing in snippets. Just wish that it was all open at the same time.
      It's been announced that 30 more stable slots are open for Hunters. Yeah!!! As a collector of beast, this makes it easier for me to keep all the pets that I want to have for one reason or another. But this feature change is not for all hunters, for not all hunters collect all the pets.
       5.3 has the Darkspear trolls in open revolt to Garrosh. The Alliance will be conducting clandestine operations against Ogrimmar. Heroic Scenarios will be added as well as PVP gets a bit of a overall. The story line progress is very good in that the Horde and the Alliance are doing very different things to advance the story. The changes in PVP is stepping in the right direction, but I just have a personal issue with hard capping the Item Levels on PVP content. If they just would scale the PVP gear to be on par with PVE gear but oriented towards PVP. Things like putting more PVP Power on it and giving set bonuses that reduce stuns, slows and root effectiveness.
      That's all I have for now. Tune in tomorrow to find out what I talk about next.

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