Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Week in WOW

      So 5.3 became part of the background loading queue. So 5.3 is drawing near. Rho from the Realm Maintenance predicts May 14th. Others I know say May 7th. Me, I think that 14th is more likely but it would really come the week after the Blizz Team do the rounds with the podcast interviews. But we shall see.

       PVP got a buff to the PVP Power. So PVP continues to move towards lowering the wall. But the the wall still exist. And until they make PVP gear and PVE gear interchangeable, they will never be able to get that wall go away.

      Sigil's in the Tier 14 raids will drop more frequently. This will get people moving along the Black Prince's Legendary Quest. But doesn't help with the current content of the Legendary Quest.

      Blizzcon Tickets has sold out. As expected. I am not going due to my family needs. Hopefully in November I will be able to watch the Live Streaming.

      Exodus quits Hard Core Progression Raiding after getting World 8th place and US 3rd place. The Guild says that the level of commitment required to do the the raiding is what killed them. The amount of work needed to complete a raid due to the mechanics of the raid as increased because the raids have become more complex.

       A new quest being referred to as The Old Seer will reveal the new Sha and reward a 502 boots. Maybe I will finally get BIS Boots because I can't seem to get them now.

   Tune in next time and find out what I will talk about next.

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