Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekly Character Update

   Airholen the Explorer
       So I completed the the new story line for Alliance in the barrens. Too short. Not very engaging. Lacks any real tie in for me. And the Weekly thing was only interesting in that there are a various ways to collect the resources you need. But the end result was more disappointing than anything else. In fact it such a let down, that I only plan to do the weekly one more time to get the pet and then not going back with Airholen. I had such high hopes that this expansion to be fun, but it has fallen so flat with me that I am not even feeling guilty that I have playing STO more than WoW this week.

        Did nothing with her. She languishes in the shadow of Airholen's less than motivating adventures.

   Airholen of Baldur's Gate
        He is now level 21. Leveled strictly by doing professions through the gateway option. I love this capability. Nothing else done with him though. Not enough time dedicated to him.

    Zombee, Sisteric and Danic.
         I bought the discounted Lifetime Subscription for STO. Which meant that I had to go collect the new shuttle, new Vice Admiral Ship, new veteran ship, new veteran clothes, new Android bridge officer and new pets. It also increased by bank, Account bank and Inventory size. And it gave all of my toons more bridge officer slots, uniform slots and ship slots. I also was able to retrain my guys skills to get them.

          I completed the Wasteland story line. Picked up the new Duty Officer. And now working on all of the reps that exist. Romulan Rep is now Level 1. Nukara and Omega is only level 0.

          Created my first "Romulan" character. He is an alien, same species as Zombee. I have only picked up his first ship, a T'Liss Light Warbird named D'Relix. He also has picked up two bridge officers. I am trying to get him leveled and going through the questline while the rerun is going on. I want to get all of the rewards for him.

Tune in next time to find out what I may talk about next.

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