Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekly Character Update

           So I was able to buy the valor belt from the Shado Pan Assault. That is the last of my valor gear that I need to buy. Now, I just need the weapon from Dorumu, the ring from Dark Animus and the boots that drop from any of the bosses, Nalak and Oondasta. But like usual they have eluded me. I did go up against Nalak and got Tyrannical Boots. So my PvP gear is still building. But it has gotten annoying to keep running the LFR and only get gold. I do have Revered with Shado Pan Assault now.

            Have adventured very little. In fact I have done very little overall with this character. No progress to report.

    Zombee, Sisteric and Danic
            Outside of doing a couple of Defari missions with Danic, I haven't had time to play STO at all. I have been reading all about it though.

             Yes, this is here a second time on purpose. Neverwinter has gone open Beta. This is the Trickster Rogue I made on the Dragon server in Neverwinter. This game has been fun so far. And so I have been playing it a bit of late. The Character is Level 15 now and I am enjoying the Gateway option of doing my professions through a browser. I am enjoying even the PvP content in this game too so it has gotten more and more of my time as of late. I will do a full write up soon.

That is todays update. Tune in next time to see what I have to say about things.

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