Monday, May 20, 2013

Winds of Change

   So tomorrow we get the release of 5.3 in WOW Live. We also get the Legacy of Romulus going live. Are we ready for do downloads at the same time. Sadly, no. My system wouldn't be able to chug through both updates easily. SO I plan to load up WOW and download the patch, do the farm and then logging out. The I will load up STO and install it and then run a character. STO has a limited time event for getting past Lockboxes, right now. And they also have a keys being sold cheaply now. All nice but I don't have the Dilithium to get the keys. So I will work on collecting the lockboxes for the the that will come that I can purchase the keys.
   I also don't plan that anybody but Airholen will be played initially because of the new content in patch for WOW. Airholen does all of that content first, out of all of my characters. And maybe, someday, WOW will decide to allow Altoholics the chance to actually level their Alts. Hopefully, they will do so. Until then, Asmodea and the rest will hang out waiting for the day that the time constraints are lessened. So that I can spend time leveling them and not feel like I am hampering Airholens progression. Giving me time to play my alts would actually increase my enjoyment of the game because I could experience the same content from a different perspective. This fresh look at old content from a different playstyle (Range DPS, Melee DPS, Healer or Tank) and from the different Faction (Alliance or Horde) makes the content seem new and different, yet familiar and knowable. It's a good place to be, I think.
  That's all I want to say for now. Later this week I will give my impressions on WOW 5.3 and STO's LoR expansions. But tune in tomorrow to find out what my characters have been doing this past week first.

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