Friday, May 24, 2013

Blue Skies and the Troll Rebellion

   So now that I have played it some more, 5.3 just isn't that interesting to me. I lack any motivation to run the Barrens missions  mainly because there is not a reward out there for me to gain that improves my game play  Nor does there seem to be anything to unlock or motivate me to actually do anything there. 5.3 seems to be a complete waste of time for my main character to do. Running LFR's is going to be the only way to advance my character in 5.3. Which was the only way to do it in 5.2. So not much has changed for me game play wise. Which is sad for me, because I had looked forward to the patch and it's new quest line. But they just didn't put anything in it to really make me want to play it. Or spend time in it. Once I finish the LFR's, I will be hoping over to Asmodea, the rogue, and trying to finally level cap her. Then it's working on the Tillers to get all the farm plots open to start that effort of gold making on herbs. And Transmuting of stuff. Which will free Airholen to go back to mineral farming and get the gem market monies and finish learning all of the cuts.

   So now I have to hope that 5.4 will deliver thew goods to make me happy. And just as a wish list, here is what would make me happy if they added it in 5.4...

Turn the Farm into the Personal Housing.
     They could turn the hut into a storage place for Soulbound items like Brewfest Mugs and Tabards would be awesome and get them out of my bank. Even having a place for old Armour sets would be nice.
     Having farm hands doing the profesion work for you would be nice. They could till the land, plant the crops, cook the food, forge the ores, make the gear, cut the gems and mix the potions while you are off adventuring and exploring the land. This could also open things up for further usage by haveing rare items made from rare materials that have to be gotten from the world. Then these rare items take time to make and then you can go and sell them at the AH or use them yourself.
      Having cosmetic things to get to individualize your home. Paint to add color. Paintings to go buy. Furniture to be made or bought. Maybe even having a Koi pond to stare at while relaxing from a hard day of raiding. The possibilities can go on and on.

Give the various pure DPS classes either Healing or Tanking Specs.
        This would open up the number of people for the healing and tanking roles. I think the Rougue could be great avoidance Tanks. And if Beast Masters could tank with their Pets effectively, it would be awesome. Arcane Mages as Healers would really make them stand out. Demonology Warlocks as Tanks would be cool too. Using Demons to aggro things I think would be a good thing. These are just thoughts of where this could go.

What are some Ideas of yours? Let me know.

Tune in next time to see what else I may cover.

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