Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekly Character Update

     Airholen the Explorer
          I got the Gore Soak Gear finally. So I was able to get to only needing 2 pieces of gear before 5.3 came. But now that it is here, I checked out Ask Mr. Robot to see where I am at now. So I still need Durumu's Baleful Gaze, but it says not to put the extra gem on it. I will do so anyways and probably push crit and haste. It wants me to switch my shoulders out for the Shadow Pan Assault shoulders. I am not Exalted with them yet so that will need some time. I also need to grab the Tigerfang Wrap, the new 600 iLevel Cloak which you get from the Legendary quest. Once I get the metagem I will have to work on this. And I need to get the Saurok Stalker's Gloves. I think I have them already, will have to check the bank tonight. It also wants me to get the Quakestompers from Tortos. So I am back to getting 4 pieces of gear. And now I have a reason to run all the wings of LFR so to maximize my rep grind and valor capping efforts. Hopefully the gem market wont die off by the time I am able to get home and online so that I can make some gold off of my JC skill, for once.

            I have not done anything with her. I have been waiting for 5.3 to drop so that I can get to 87 and then I will push. She is in the farming valley. I will be focusing on the Tillers with her to get her farm maxed out and start doing the enigma seed farming. That way, Airholen can go back to farming the mineral seeds to get the ore.

       Airholen of Baldur's Gate
             He is now level 20 and has a rental horse. I also have upped his gear. I also completed my first dungeon run and skirmish. Those were lots of fun. And I never even died through the whole thing. I also got my first companion, a Cleric. I had to give her a name, but I didn't know she was going to be a she. She is named Father Thyme. When I can afford to, I will change her name to something more feminine.

          My Vulcan Science Officer has finished all of the story lines prior to the release of Legacy of Romulus. Which means that He will now be used to focus on making Dilithium and rep grinding with the Tholians first.

          With Danic caught up, I have had the time to rep grind the Romulan Republic. I also have been focused on getting his crafting skill maxed out so that I can make all of the stuff needed for the grinds. I was able to purchase the account bank so that I can put more mats from the other characters in it to keep him moving forward.

           As my lone Klingon officer, he has done very little. I should work rep grinding with him, but after doing Zombee, I just am not motivated enough. Hopefully this will not be an issue after I get my first Romulan Officer up and going.

     So that is what has been happening with my characters this week. Tune in next time to get my impressions on WoW 5.3. Maybe even STO too.

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