Friday, May 17, 2013

The Week in WOW

    So the PTR build is now a release candidate. Next Tuesday should be the day that 5.3 drops. It's nice that it's fixes are coming to make alt leveling easier. But I also feel that it's to soon because it hasn't given me enough time to run my alts yet. So I am of mixed emotions about this.
     Pet ability Sting for hunters will have a longer cooldown. Twice as long in fact. So more nerfs for beat masters, and hunters in general. Not sure why this is such an issue.
      Scattershot will not be tied to the DR of the traps. This makes it better for Survivalists. But it still sucks that it has DR at all.
      Eye of the Black Prince will now be able to be added to Reborn weapons. Nice, but there are no reborn weapons for Hunters. And for Combat Rogues, you do have a couple options amongst the Reborns.
      As you would expect, with the release candidate now showing, there isn't a lot of changes to report. After Tuesday we will get our chance to bring the war to Ogrimmar.
      Tune in next time for what I will talk about next.

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