Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Week in WOW

   So some things have changed to us poor little hunters.
        Revive Pet cast time has been changed from 6 to 4 seconds. Yay! So now when the pet gets killed by those snail on the way to Ji-Kun, it wont take as long to get him back.
        Scatter Shot now shares DR with Freezing Trap and Wyvern Sting. Boo!! So now Scatter Shot is less useful, and combine this with Intimidation being yanked from BM and being put in as the Level 30 Talent (in competition with Silencing Shot) The BM Hunter utility is getting a major nerf. Silencing Shot is going to be the talent of choice at 30.
         Intimidation is replacing Binding Shot for the Level 30 Talent. Binding Shot becomes a Marksman only skill. While this is going to be a good thing for Marksmen as they will will have Scatter Shot  Binding Shot and Silencing Shot to use, BM's and Survivalist's suffer to having Scatter Shot and Silencing Shot as the only possible ways to disrupt caster types. Intimidation is not on par with Silencing Shot in usefulness and Wyvern Sting is not good enough to overcome Serpent Sting as your one Sting. In fact Wyvern Sting is useful in PVP or the Raid environment at all. And useless if you plan on AOEing things. End result is that all Hunters will pick Silencing Shot in almost every case. And Since the Scatter Shot and Wyvern Sting share DR, there is even less reason to use it in those rare cases it might have been good to do.
          Blink Strike being renames Blink Strikes and made passive will not likely increase it's usage.Besides they nerfed it with reducing the range from 40 to 30 yards and change the damage from 600% normal damage to 150% basic attacks. Blink Strikes is a pet ability that really would be good for BM's buffed pets but I like Murder of Crows better. A dot that can't be gotten rid of with a cool graphic is cool. And makes me feel more like a Master of Beast type BM Hunter. Lynx Rush, the other level 75 Talent, is nice and probably better for raids than Blink Strikes.
           Beast Cleave gets a buff in that it does 75% damage instead of 50%. Great for the AOE efforts. And one of the true ray of lights in this round of changes.
           Marksman's Bombardment buffs Multi-shot damage by 60% now, instead of 30% previously. So marksman's get better at AOE again. Which is good, gives them a uniqueness that the Hunter specs are not really known for.
            Exotic Beast also get a major nerf. Instead of the 30% decrease of pet ability cool downs, we now get a 1% reduction of cool down time. So Beast Masters pets are just as effect as Marksman and Survivalist. So what makes BM's different from MM's and Surv's? The lines are blurring again....
            Rogues....rogues are getting nerfs to. Cloak and Dagger will now require you to be in Stealth to use it, and Shadow Dance will not be able to remove this requirement. So who is going to use Cloak and Dagger now? Not Subtlety, I bet. Since it's not going to help them any more in their special abiility, they will probably going to pick Shadowstep or Burst of Speed. For Assassin's and Combat Rogues, this change means nothing.
            Combat Rogues Revealing Strike will last 24 seconds instead of 18 seconds. Which is nice, but does little to change the rotation and importance of the rotation.
            Subtlety's Find Weakness gets nerfed against player dropping the armour baypass to 50% from 70%, but NPC targets get a buff of 100% bypass, up from 70%.

      So that's what interested me in the news. Tune in next time to see what I will talk about.

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