Thursday, May 30, 2013


          Troll Rebellion. As an alliance player I just can't bring myself to care. The battlegrounds in the Barrens is just not that much fun for me. And being motivated to play is very troublesome for me. I pay to play this game and yet, while I feel no need to unsub, I am hard press to generate the enthusiasm to play. The previous patches had always been exciting time for me. Each patch has always been exciting to me. The interest for this patch was up till release. Since release it has plummeted. It's so low now that I find it hard to log in and play. Even to run my alts.
            As for the 'bad luck' protection. Non-existent as far as I can tell. I have rolled 5 times so far on my main, and nothing but gold so far. So unless it's it gives me something tonight on my 6th coin, I will call foul on the bad luck protection farce. Gearing shouldn't be controlled by RNG. It should be a conscious decision made by the player. Not a random event that is sure to just continually demoralize and piss off the player base. I have friends that are fully gear for PVP already, but can't seem to get the required gear from LFR. They have had over 100 attempts at getting their weapons between bosses and rolls through all the Tier 14 and 15 raids before they got a tier 14 weapon. This has so demoralized them from the PVE environment that they have left their Alliance main to play Horde PVP. They have it fully geared for PVP and is enjoying the game again. I just can't get into PVP and I just can't feel excited about running LFR just to collect the gold bags. I had hoped that things would have changed in 5.3, but I was massively disappointed. And I don't see how they are going to make it any better till maybe the next expansion where I get a new involvement from lore and raids. At least I hope the Alliance lore gets better and motivates me more than the current bare bones Alliance story.
           So what do guys feel about 5.3? I would like to know.
           Tune in next time to hear what I have to say next.

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