Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekly Character Update

     Airholen the Explorer
             So got the pet from the Rebels in the Barrens. Farming the Golden Lotus stuff as much as possible. Ran all of the LFR's and got nothing but gold. Still need one more Secret of the Empire to advance the Legendary questline. So just mostly frustrated with the character progress in WOW this week. And it's not my fault. Stupid RNG.

             So did nothing with her because Airholen is so dissappointing to me. Sorry Asmodea.

     Airholen of Baldur's Gate
             Continue running the professions through the Gateway. Otherwise he is taking a back seat to the STO Characters.

      Zombee, Danic and Sisteric
             Since there is a special event going on to rerun the old content and gain the special gear, Grell has been the focus of my STO efforts. These guys are just hanging out.

              Made it to Level 14, Centurion. Got a new ship, Dhelen class warbird. New uniform and new bridge officers. He has allied with the Feds and progressing through the story line at a decent pace.

That's it for now. Tune in next time to find out what I have to say next.

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