Monday, June 10, 2013

Flexing the Raid Muscle and other fun News

           So, Flex Raiding was announced. Been listening to various podcasts and their take on it. Al I can say is that I see their points, but I am not for this options.
           Flex Raiding is supposed to be geared for the Friends and Family guild crowd. In this it falls flat. Flex covers groups from 10 to 25 in size. It's reward is lower than 10 man and better than LFR. If you can get 10 toons together, why would you run flex? You get better gear out of 10 man. And if this is supposed to make it easier to raid, well it fails in that you still need 10 toons. Normal is all you need. And everyone keeps mentioning the scheduling of raiding, but if you really think about it, there is no mechanic BUILT into the game that requires you schedule your raid nights. So flex raiding isn't removing that issue either. SO what is flex doing? Only thing I see it doing is allowing people that can form groups larger than 10, but less than 25, to go do something. But as to their stated goal of catering to the mid range guilds, they failed horribly. This doesn't even help the small guilds at all. The guilds that can't form 10 man groups still have no help. The low Pop servers and unbalanced server get no help from this too. In the end, it's a waste of effort for what will be little gain and additional headaches for them as hardcore raiders use this as just another step in their progression raiding and will cause burnout to occur earlier.
             Now if they took this technology and created content that filled the void between 5 man heroic dungeons and 10 man normals that allowed for flexible numbers would be of service to more people. Especially if this gear was on par with LFR. It would get the social aspect back into the game. It sets people up for gear for 10 man's. And still leaves LFR as a viable option to gear up and see end game content.
              On other news, Hunters are going to get nerfs Wednesday, maybe. Why? Hunters, especially Beast Masters finally are considered as something worth having. We aren't the laughing stock any more. But the coming nerfs that WOW has stated hurt a bit. Pulling pet abilities from Stampede will remove the effectiveness of that ability, I use it in PVE to keep me alive. Removing the abilites so that they only do auto attacks will remove the survival options from the ability and that it's composition will not matter. So no thought will be put into it's composition and solely becomes just another button to press in your rotation for a little more DPS. With a cool down of 5 minutes, this bonus appears rarely more than once in most fights, so in the end it's a minor boost at best. They said they would try to make it up by buffing Arcane Shot by 15%. SO by making our focus sink do more damage is a fix? Come on. Can't you find a better way to fix this issue. I think that most people are upset with hunters in PVP. So maybe just upping the cool down to 10 minutes, to remove from PVP, and then allowing it to be reset by Readiness. This still gives two runs at Stampede within 10 minutes.
               So tune in next time to find out what next I may talk about.

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