Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Future of Hunting in Azeroth

    So the new PTR has been announced. And the Hotfixes were announced. And Hunters all across Azeroth have cried tears of pain and misery. And the nerfs hurt PVE and PVP and all of the specs. And here are my reason's why.
    Stampede lost all of it's utility. All of the special pet abilities will not work. So what does Stampede do now? Not much, the dps output will be on par with Dire Beast but will not give you any focus and has a long cooldown. Dire Beast beats it out hands down. And with Arcane getting a buff, it makes it better for a spamming button than Kill Command. So the level 87 ability becomes of little value and dropped off the active bar.
     Kill Command won't get used, due to these changes, except when you are raiding. It actually does less dps than Arcane Shot. It really doesn't make any sense to use it.
     My point is last night I ran Tortos and sucked. Last week I had an average of about 95k DPS. This week, I am using a significantly better weapon and averaged only about 76K DPS. An almost 20K drop in my output. And I should have gotten better since I went from the sha touched weapon to an iLevel 502 weapon. But, instead, I plummeted to bottom of the DPS pile.
      All of these changes came because PVPers complained about how the BM Hunter was considered OP. These changes gutted BM's from PVE and PVP. To the point that I feel the return of the hatred that was handed out to Hunters during Wrath. And hunters will be dropped from raids and dungeons and picked on just because that the Hunter can't push the DPS up enough from these nerfs.
      End result is that Hunters are getting nerfed out of the game. Everything that makes Beast Masters unique has been taken from them and now been relegated to being, at best, the bootlickers of all the other classes looking for the table scraps that will get throwned to us for pities sake.
      Now, I am not going to abandoned WOW or my Main, but it does mean that my enjoyment of the game is going to seriously suffer and I will not be able to bring myself to go back in and play my alts. It also going to generate more hurt feelings on the part of Hunters in LFR and drive hunters from LFR and from most Raids in general. If things don't change, Hunters will become a rare beast of laughable quality on Azeroth.

    Now, I know I am talking about my favorite class. If you have points you wish to pick out to me, drop me a comment. I welcome any all discussion about this. Tune in next time to see what I have to say next.


  1. I have always been against changes to spells based on pvp and wish that blizzard could find a way to make spells work one way against an NPC and another against a player .. But that comes from a druid who used to love being near invincible and getting 500+ honour kills from healing in AV during TBC

    My hunter has enjoyed being beast master, and marksman at times .. and the latest nerfs to Stampede and spells do make me an unhappy chappy, mostly because I thought they were fine .. probably because these days I do not pvp. The groups I have run with have never abandoned someone due to being lowest type of dps or heals class .. but its not fun when you think something is fine and it then becomes broken due to a different aspect of the game

  2. The Technology is already present for your suggestion. Shadow Priest level 87 ability doesn't work in PVP but works in PVE. There are several class abilities that have different durations between PVP and PVE. So they have the ability to fine tune each ability for one side or the other. Why they didn't in this case just boggles my mind.