Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekly Character Update

     Sorry about getting this out late. Today will have two Blogs. This one and one more. The second one I will put out this afternoon.

Airholen the Explorer
      So, the Quest for Gear continues. Tortos refuses to give me my boots or bow. I now have 6 Titan Runestones, so I am half way to completing this part of the quest and one more step closer to getting the 600 cloak. The Friendship efforts with the Tillers is still in progress. The last four are still being worked on. Otherwise their is no knew things to report.

      So Grell is now level 50. He is a Vice Admiral. The Ha'akona Advanced Warbird is his ship of choice. I have not completed the story line yet, I am currently on the Dominion portion. So I still need to progress through it all.

SO tune in later this afternoon where I will announce to you my special project.

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