Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wild & Dead

   SO here is my special Project....I have done a podcast. Me and one other, Wildwynd, have started our own podcast about WOW and gamer interests. We call it the Wild & Dead Podcast. You can find it on iTunes and on the webpage that I have listed in the Podcast section of this website.
     I enjoyed making the podcast. Although I can say I was a little nervous about it. I know that this first episode was not the perfect, but I think we did alright. I do think that we could use some tips and constructive criticism. I also would like to invite any other podcasters that may read this to give us any tips they may have for us to help us make a better product.
      We would also like to have any podcast send us any bumpers or adds that we can to our podcast to promote their podcasts.
       So please give us a listen and tell us what you think. You can leave comments here or at the website or iTunes. Thank you all.
      Tune in next time for what next I may talk about.

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