Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Death of a Dinosaur and other interesting thoughts

      So, last night, I hoped on Airholen the Explorer and harvested my farm. I didn't plant anything new since I was planting purely for Asmodea. Asmodea has been on the backburner for so long that the resources have built up. The Guild Bank is filling up to much. So now the farm will not be used while I try to get Airholen fully geared so that I can move on to Asmodea. Once I harvested, I went to the Panda Hub and got my Mogu Runes. Then I joined up with a PUG that was forming to go take on Oondasta.
       I have never faced Oondasta before so I took the chance. In fact, this group went to do Nalak, Sha and Galleon. I got gold, dino bones and one piece of pvp gear. I did get the Oondasta kill achievement. But that's it. In the end it was a waste of time because all I got was stuff I can't use and gold,
       This has gotten me to thinking about my WOW time. WOW is taking less and less of my game time. For a game that I have spent so much time on prior to MoP, why would this be happening? Simple answer, I don't feel like I am achieving anything. I spend weeks doing certain bosses in LFR for the gear to max me out to only get gold. The bad luck protection was enacted three weeks ago and so far I don't feel protected at all, my luck is unchanging. No weapon, no boots and no trinket. I haven't been able to stay current with the legendary quest because those stupid secrets drop so rarely that I have practically forgotten about them. Or the quest line.
       So I wondered how I got get more out of WOW for me. What would it take to make me want to play WOW again? I don't PVP. I don't play the Auction House. I gear up but I don't raid. SO LFR has to be my way of doing things. But LFR is set up to frustrate those that wish to get gear. SO what other options do I have? None. I am a casual solo player with no real content for me to do that gives me a sense of accomplishment, reward or fulfillment. Cata allowed me to Gear out my main and then I could go on my alts and level them up. My Main I felt good about feeling accomplished with it and would go on him just to bask in that sense of being complete, gear wise. In fact, once I had the gear maxed out, it allowed me to the go do other portions of the content , like dailies, achievement hunting and skill grinding. For me, I was even taking time to hunt down the pets I wanted to have for my hunter. Having that time available to play my other characters allowed me to see more of the content as I did different things. It was the trying of the stuff with different characters that was fun. So I need Blizzard to slow down the patch cycles, speed up the gearing from lfr so that I can feel like I can take the time to see all of the content, Right now, I can't completely gear up before the next patch. I can't get that sense of accomplishment  I can't feel like I have time to get one character completed before I try another. And this lack of control over my own destiny that RNG is inflicting upon me has removed my enthusiasm from playing the game. And has driven me to play other MMO's so that I can feel like I am getting some where. And feel like I am making progress. WOW needs to return to this to me. It needs to give me a way to feel like I am accomplishing my goals. And I need to be in control of that effort. Not RNG.
        Am I off kilter? Let me know. I like to hear what people think about what I have to say. Good and Bad. Tune in next time to find out what I may talk about next.


  1. Be patient in LFR man, the loot will come!

  2. Thanks for the response.
    Patient I am. But it's still frustrating for several months not to get any improvements.