Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekly Character Update

Airholen the Explorer
     Ran the second wing of LFR again. Still no BIS. Still roaming the island and finding more boxes. Got a second Bonkers in the cave. Got some new boots from the LFR and waering them for now as they are iLevel 528 base.

Zombee, Danic, Sisteric and Grell
     Continuing the CE event. In about 4 days, Zombee and Danic will have it done. Grell will be in 5 days and Sisteric will be six days out. These missions have stopped most of my efforts to get the reps done.But at least the Nukara Points are generated from these outings.

      I haven't had time to play any other character at this time. What I have gotten to do is buy some parts for a new computer  and got the Hearthstone Beta key last night. I will say that I have enjoyed playing the Hunter deck, though I have not been very successful as yet. I have only played the PLay mode and the Practice modes so far. I have yet to try areana. I have gotten 200 gold so I will try that one evening that I have time to play it.

     Tune in next time to see what else I have to talk about..

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