Friday, October 4, 2013

Seige of Timeless Loot, Part 2

                Now, my Rogue has been roaming around on the isle. I have had a lot of time to check out the various places that my Hunter has been too already. And now trying to sneak about to find new places. This has been able to push up my iLevel faster than I ever did with my hunter. But I have only pretended to start on the legendary cloak quest.  I guess I should really track this and get it done quickly, but it so much more fun as a rogue to sneak about and grab those chests.

                Decking out my rogue in mostly Timeless gear has been a great way to get my alt into the game again. So my plans, now, is to get my Tauren Paladin leveled 90 quickly and then start her roaming the Timeless Isle to get her upped the same way. I think once I have a Horde toon gathering Timeless Tokens, I will be able to level all of my toons and get it done this expansion. I hope at least. Most of my toons will be timeless geared decked out, but not BiS gear. It should keep my relevant enough to be fun. Maybe I will eventually gear them to Tier 16, but it won’t be a priority.

                The first wing of LFR was fun too. Between 2 different runs I got all of my BIS gear I am going to get from them. The mechanics and time spent fighting those four bosses felt appropriate and worth it. And the rewards were more than just gold, which has been a better move over previous tiers. Wing two of the Siege is way better, I think. The fact that you actually have to think about the mechanics and what you have to do I thought was awesome. But this past week they nerfed that. I haven’t tried the LFr since the nerfs, but from what I have read, the ease of killing the bosses has gotten waayy easier. Not sure that is a good thing. But I won’t say for sure till I have given it a go. Now, my Hunter still needs two pieces of BIS gear in wing two. And All I have to do is keep running this till I get it. I am just hoping that it’s not one of those tier 15 weeks till you get what you want events. I hate RNG for loot. And I wish it was done away with. But that’s a topic for another post….

                So all in all, I love this new expansion. I really only have minor problems with it so far. The fact that I can gear my alts quickly in this patch makes me feel so much better. And the Raids are good, and entertaining.

                So what do you think of Siege of Ogrimmar? Good? Bad? Let me know. And tune in next time to see what else I may say.

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