Sunday, October 27, 2013

LC2: Danic's Haven

Stardate 91371.91            USS Explorer
                Commander Derip B’zoph stalked the halls of the Explorer looking for the Captain.  His Andorian antennae twitched in frustration from his lack of locating the Vulcan Vice Admiral. Derip knew that the captain needs to perform some of his rituals in isolation. But where on this ship would he find that solitude?  The fact that he had asked the computer to locate the captain was met with some message about it not necessary for him to know infuriated him to no end. In fact, he believed that the captain took some perverse Vulcan pleasure from angering him.
                Stomping past the botanical labs he picked up an odd sent. Like some incense was burning in one of the labs. He recalled that Vulcan’s liked to burn these smelly candles in their rituals. He twisted his head and followed the scent in the air.  The spicy aroma lead him through a couple labs and finally into a lab with lush jungle vegetation. The heat was unbearable but he pushed on.  As he approached the end of a table filled with leafy green bushes, Vice Admiral Danic stepped out from behind it, with a lumpy bag in hand.
                “There you are Captain. Starfleet has sent a communicade for your eyes only. You are needed on the bridge.”
                “Wait a moment, Derip. I need for you to keep my presence here a secret.”
                Derip furrowed his brow. “Why would that be, Captain?”
                “It has been the once place I have found on this ship that I can be alone and not disturbed for a few hours each day. Do you not have the desire to get away from others, the demands of command, and from the rigors of duty for a few moments? To escape the public’s eye?”
                Derip paused, it was uncharacteristic of Danic to ask such personal questions. “Well, yes. But I use the holosuite to bring up my home on Andoria. The ice fields really give you a sense of being alone. And the temp is so refreshing to be in.”
                “I see. Well, this is my holosuite, my place to contemplate my day and relieve the stress of command, and a place that I will most likely not be found by the crew or the senior staff. The temp is not unlike that of Vulcan, but with more humidity. I also take advantage of the strong smells that the vegetation create to hide the smell of my meditation candles. I have told the computer that I am not to be disturbed where here except in dire emergencies. “
                “Humph…I see.  I will keep this a secret. But can you let the computer know to tell me you are meditating when I need to reach you? I don’t think the crew liked seeing me stomping through their areas looking for you.”
                “Oversight noted and I will take measure to adjust it. Now, shall we go see what Starfleet Command wants?”
                “Yes, after you?”

                The Captain and his First walked calmly to the turbo lift, and their new orders.

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