Saturday, October 19, 2013

LC1 Danic's Prized Possession: A VAdm Danic/STO Story

                Stardate 91355.39  USS Explorer
                Vice Admiral Danic sits in his ready room, eyeing his new crewmembers. Assessing them in every manner his Vulcan senses can allow him. Three of the four crewmen were staring straight ahead, as good fresh cadets normally do. But the fourth one, Ensign Tugnarra, was looking over the shelves that held his souvenirs from previous missions. Tugnarra was curious enough for being a female Ferengi in Starfleet, but her uniform displayed the yellow of engineering too. And the lack of fear was interesting in a Ferengi.
                “Welcome to the Explorer. Remember, we are ship of science, not war. Do not expect to see combat. Do not expect to be safe either. We face the unknown, and that carries its own danger. You know your assignments. You are dismissed. Ensign Tugnarra, remain here. “Danic watched the crewmen leave, eyeing Tugnarra as they passed her.
                Tugnarra remained at attention while her compatriots filed out. But she just couldn’t keep her eye from wondering about the room. When the door swished shut, Danic once again looked at Tugnarra.”Do you know why I had you stay?”
                “No, sir.”
                “I am curious about your actions and attitude in my office. You seemed more interested in my office and lacked any of the fear that most new crewmembers have when meeting me the first time. Why is that?”
                “There is a saying on Ferenginar, ‘You can measure a man’s success by his possesions. But you can measure a man’s character by the possessions he treasures.’ I was just taking in what you show as having value to display. I like what I see, even if I don’t understand it all.”
                Arching his left eye brow quizzically, Danic looked at what was on display. ‘You are a quartermaster, if I remember correctly from your files. So you should recognize all that is on the shelf. So what don’t you understand?”
                Tugnarra hesitated. Then look straight at a lump of charred metal. “That piece of metal over there. It seems to be a burnt piece of hull structure. Unlike the other pieces, it has no obvious artistic value or functionality. It stands out as an oddity amongst all the cleaner aesthetic pieces. It represents something. Something that you are not afraid of talking about, but feel no need to bring up yourself. I would think that it’s connected to your first command, based on your public records started with in disaster. “
                Danic looked at Tugnarra. Ferengi logic was always a curious thing. Profit and acquisitions as the guiding factors for one’s life seemed to be a shallow way to live. How they could find such joy and self-worth in such things was beyond him. “It is from that fatal day. I kept it to remind me of how disaster is not always a bad thing. From that moment, command took notice of my efforts and so gave me the Discovery. There are many examples in history of where failure brought new discovery.  My discovery was that I can command others and make those right choices. And Command learned that they had another starship captain when they needed one.  That piece I picked up from the bridge once I got back to ESD, before I meet with the Admiral.”
                Calmly Danic looks over the Ferengi female. “You have yet to explain your attitude.”
                Tugnarra frowned. “I don’t know what you mean? I am not sure what attitude you mean?”
                Danic stood up and approached the crewmember. “Most new crewmen who come to my office are too afraid to do more than stare straight ahead, too afraid to say anything and all to glad to be dismissed. You on the other hand were so busy looking around that I doubt even your famed Ferengi hearing heard all of what I had to say. What sets you apart from the rest?”
                Tugnarra gave a snaggletooth grin.  “I see. Well…on Fereginar, females are not allowed to do many things. We are largely ignored, which allows me the luxury to always look around without worry. Besides, since it’s illegal for females to leave Fereginar, the threat of a stern warning from a Starfleet Admiral pale in comparison to Liquidators grabbing me and taking me back to Fereginar to face charges for being a female with the lobes for business. No offence.”
                “None taken. Very well. Does my explanation of the hull piece sufficient?”
                “Yes sir.”
                “Then carry on. Report to Commander Kerrick. Dismissed.”
                The young Ensign nodded and turned to leave. As she get to the doors, Danic heard her whisper “He’s nicer than most Vulcan’s. I wonder what it would cost to buy command apprenticeship.” And the doors close.
                That would be a curious thing, a Ferengi Starfleet Captain. Would be most curious.


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