Sunday, October 13, 2013

Literary Challenge 1

     This challenge will be to write about your characters favorite object. This object must have personal value, but not necessarily monetary value. You can either write about how they across the item or why it is the valued possession. You can make it as a conversation between characters and npcs, or as a story about the object itself. It also doesn't need to be an object that is in the game.
      Fantasy character for this will be Airholen the Explorer. A World of Warcraft character.
      Science Fiction character will be Vice Admiral Danic. A Star Trek Online character.
      Modern Character will be Red Laughter. A DC Universe Online character.
      I will right additional ones if time permits.
      There will be no discussion of the previous story as there was none.
      I hope to see some comments and discussions on this topic. Tune in next time for the Fantasy news if I have nothing to say on Monday.

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