Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pre-Story Teller posting

     So today is supposed to be a story, but we haven't had a Sunday Literary challenge yet. So no story. But I will say now is that I am excited about the prospects before me. I welcome anybody to write any thoughts as to what the challenges could be.
     Over at Star Trek Online they have a literary challenge that they run every two weeks. I plan on doing this for the first few Sundays. At least until either come up with cool ideas of my own or reader submissions come in. I plan to take the STO challenge and apply it to my characters from all three genres. Hopefully, people will like it. I think I will do one from each genre for sure, and additional ones if time permits.
      I hope people will like this new direction for me and join in. But time will tell. I know I will have fun.
      Tune in tomorrow to find out what the first Literary challenge will be.

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