Thursday, October 3, 2013

Siege of Timeless Loot, Part 1

                So, it’s been 4 weeks now that Siege of Ogrimmar Patch 5.4 has been released. I think that is long enough now for me to speak my piece about the Isle and what changes the patch has brought to my characters and play style.
                First off, the new area is called the Timeless Isle. And Island where time stands still. From the moment I have gotten there, I have been having fun roaming the island killing things.  My hunter has killed almost every creature on his own (High Priest of Ordos eludes me yet). The slaying of Rares is fun, but sometimes they are killed faster than I can get over there.  
The only thing I see has being bad is Celestials and Ordos, the world bosses. No one seems to want to take them on. As a casual player, and coming from a very small guild, I have no one to draw upon to group up with to take these characters on. And I can’t do it by myself. And so I have yet to fight Ordos, and haven’t had a shot at the celestials since the first week.  Previous world bosses always had players going after them. But these guys never seem to have any pugs forming for it. Why this is I am not sure. But with all the new options to get gear, including flex raiding, I feel that the desire to do these bosses without guildies has been reduced or even removed. In fact, I think that there is a lot of changes in this patch that is pushing players to do more with their guildies than with pugs, which really hurts a player like me. With extremely low membership in my own guild, and not knowing very many players in the game, I suffer from the lack of content I want to do because I am not as socially connected in WoW as others. LFR was a godsend to me because it allowed me to experience raiding on a time schedule that fits within my home life.
There are chest that are strung all over the island and give you coins and a chance at epic tokens.  These tokens give iLevel 496 all the time or iLevel 535 with a Burden piece. The Burdens are hard to come by but are nice to have when you can get them. Both my Hunter and Rogue have had no real trouble getting the tokens. And these tokens are bound to the account which means I can transfer them to my other characters to hold on to till they get to level 90.
But the biggest change has been to my Hunter talents. The loss of Silencing Shot to my Beast Master has been a hard pill to swallow. Counter Shot is not that effective, and the cool down on it means I can never keep a caster from not casting a particular spell like I could with Silencing Shot. In fact, all that Counter Shot accomplishes is forces a spell with a casting time to start over again. In the end, Counter Shot actually just lowers my DPS with no real effect. I can accomplish the same interrupt with just doing lots of damage, even better it effects all spells he is casting all the time and I am DPSing him down at the same time. On NPC’s, the Counter Shot doesn’t seem to stop elites from casting and normal seem to just cast another spell, not even missing a beat. I am going to have to trade out binding shot for intimidation. Hopefully this will have a better overall effect for my survivability.

I think this is good enough for today. I will continue my analysis tomorrow. Tune in to see what else I have to say.

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