Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fantasy News and Views 1

                This is the first Fantasy News and Views update. We have news on WoW, Neverwinter, Hearthstone and EQ Next. So let’s get started.

World of Warcraft

That when I learned about the random factor on Burdens. You get a random enchantment when you combine it with a Timeless Token.  Now, if you’re a person who likes to plan out their time to get things, because you have limited time, and need to make sure that every choice moves me in the right direction.  Randomness eliminates any sense of personal control or accomplishment of obtaining that goal. While I don’t like randomized rewards for boss kills, I can at least accept it because it’s a reward that I received at the end of one action, a fight. The Burden’s take days, in my case weeks, of effort to get 50K Coins, just to apply it to the token and get some enchantment that might not be what I needed for the optimization of my character to be completed. It sucks because either I languish with the realization that I might never get the character built to be what I want it to be, or don’t plan on ever optimizing my character to be the best that I have the ability to get it too. It sucks, and has ruined my desire to do more on the Timeless Isle.

                Otherwise, we know that Patch 5.4.1 is in the works, hopefully this means that we will find out Garrosh’s final fate in Pandaria. I really don’t have much more on the news as I didn’t have a lot of time reviewing the news for WoW this week.



                More closed Beta keys have been released. More players are being brought in, I think this will help in raising the player base for testing, maybe doing some pre-release stress testing of the services on a lower scale. I have encountered two bugs in the system so far, and have reported it. Not much else to say for it.


EQ Next

                Everquest (EQ) Next is the next iteration of the EQ MMO.  They have a Round Table in which they ask fans questions. They take those answers and make choices based on the collected data. The current question is about Lore. They want to know in what way you like to learn about game lore, either by cut scenes, questing notes, external sources or some mixture thereof.  This game appears to be going in a new direction for MMO’s, you get to destroy the world like bridges and trees and such. This means you can find new places by digging. We will keep an eye on this for now.



                This is a D&D based MMO. It is free to play. I have had a lot of fun playing this game but recently haven’t had the time. They are releasing a new lockbox with high end gear in it. I haven’t been on to get any so far.


Tune in tomorrow to see what the news in Science News and Views will be be.

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