Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fantasy News and Views 2

World of Warcraft
       LFR Wing 4 has opened up. New realms have been joined together to increase server populations, Garrosh got nerfed in LFR. Warcraft is in it's winding down stage of the patch cycle before Blizzcon's announcement of what the next expansion will be. At least everyone theorizes that the next expansion will be announced then. They do have a panel dedicated to the 'future of wow' so I assume that is when that will be announced what is next in store for us WOW players. Meanwhile I have hit General Forums to see if I can get LFR loot changed to reduce RNG's role in gearing. But so far I have had no blue posts, but a bit of lively discussion about my time spent in WoW. Hopefully I can get more people to discuss the pros and cons of a non-RNG based loot system.

       More keys for Berta have gone out. Otherwise I have not seen any real news for this game.

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