Friday, October 25, 2013

Science News and Views 2

Star Trek Online
     There is a new event going on. Kid Q is hanging out at the faction capitols handing out XP boosts. It lasts for 4 hours.
     They also have been releasing Dev Blogs about what is coming in Season 8. Mostly covering the Voth and their designs. But the few things I have gleaned are that a new battle zone will be put in place that will be a battlefield with several regions. These regions will be battle for between the combined factions forces and the Voth. You get to take 2 bridge officers with you on these ground missions and up to five players. You battle accross the various zones trying to gain control and advance the front. Of course the Voth fight back. you get rewards based on how many fo these zones you hold on weekly basis.
     They have also announced that they are revamping the Rep system but have not released any details. I hope this revamp removes some off the grindier aspects of the rep system.
      Some of the details of the Voth forces has been released. They are technologically geared towards defensive postures. But the do make use of beast in battle. In fact, the fond terminology has been used to refer to these beast as Dinosaurs. So we are getting Dino's with Lasers on their heads. Hopefully they don't do it as cheesy as it sounds.
      Space battles will be with ships that have some unique defensive technologies built. These technologies are also geared to keep the Voth from taking damage or healing the damage that they have received. It will take people working together to overcome the Voth technological advantage.

Again there is nothing else in the science fiction games that I have reviewed or looked at. So tune in next time for the Mordern News and Views.

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