Friday, October 11, 2013

Future plans of the Cast of Characters

      Hi all. I know that I have mostly been writing about what I have done with my characters. I also occasionally write about how the changes in WOW are affecting my play with those characters. But I wanted to take a step back for moment and look at what I have been doing, what I really wanted to accomplish with this blog.
      So what is it that I wanted to accomplish with this blog? Well, I want to talk about my characters from all games I play, not just mmo's, but all games. I wanted to write stories about those characters.
       So how do I get there? Well let's look at what I have done so far. I have a regular piece that talks about what I have done with my characters as a generic news. I have also talked about the WOW patches as I have experienced them as a player. All of this has been done from the viewpoint of player talking about the characters. I made a short stab at writing about the adventures of characters as they played the quests in WOW. But I stopped as I finally reached a point that it seemed like I was writing a wordy version of my Character updates. It didn't feel right. And with the lack of feedback on those stories, it didn't seem like a good use of my time.
     So how do I change things to make this different? I am going to rethink how I go about things. SO far I have been very WOW-centric. I need to change to encompass all of the games I play. I need to not only present information on changes in WOW but in STO, Neverwinter and every other game that I regularly play. And I want to write more stories involving my characters of things that is not about the quests and dungeons and such. I want to expand their back story and their personalities. I also want to talk about my process and my choices.
     So i have decided that I am going to break these things into segments. Assign the segments a specific day and proceed from there. SO here is my preliminary idea...

     Monday, No specific blogging. Gives me a day to just relax but also leaves it open for thoughts or news I just feel like talking about if the mood strikes me.
     Tuesday.  My regular Character updates that I have been doing. The news report on what characters I played and what progress I have made with them.
     Wednesday. Fantasy News. Blogs about fantasy games that I play and the recent news involving them. Like patches, hot fixes or just interesting tidbits. At least things interesting to me.
     Thursday. Science Fiction News. Blogs about science fiction games I play, like Star Trek Online, and news that comes out about them.
     Friday. Modern News. These will be blogs about games that don't quite fit in the above categories. Things like Champions Online.
     Saturday. Story Teller day. I will post a story based on a previously discussed concept from Sunday's blog. I will either post one of my works or from a submitter, if I get any.
     Sunday. Literary Challenge. Start off by discussing Saturday's story and then move on to what next Saturday's story will be. If I get readers submissions for subject matter and even character or characters to involve in the story, then these will be discussed and chosen from during this blog.
     Now the above outline is subject to change. And also will suffer from the interference from Real Life. So there may be days where things don't get done, or days might get doubled up on. Each character will have it's own post for his story. So there might be more than one post on Saturday to cover all of the stories I may have written.

     If all of this goes well, my next stage in this will be to create a podcast covering fiction written in these game worlds. I would like to get listener submissions that could read on the podcast. I would like to get even the authors on the podcast to discuss the story and anything else. I would also like to eventually get the writers of the novels for the games to be interviewed too. But I first will start off with my own stories. But before the podcast gets started, I will work at finishing up rebuilding my computer.

    I hope that you all will be excited about my planned changes. As always, I would love to hear feedback, good and bad, about what I am doing here. So please let me know. Thank you all, and plaese tune in next time for the Start of the New Cast of Characters format.

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